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Eco-Oversill and Associated Products

The perfect partner for your external wall insulation system, ECO-OVERSILL specialises in the manufacture of over sills, and imports external insulation from Poland for the Irish market. Eco-Oversill is a superior over sill product with the capability to combine functionality with aesthetics using a particular polymer resin that gives a Category 1 impact resistance, while the high density polystyrene base eliminates cold bridging.
We believe that Eco-Oversill is the best product of its type on the market in Ireland and the UK. Contractors engaged in external insulation should look no further than the Eco-Oversill when they commence their next external insulation projects.

ECO-OVERSILL - External Wall Oversill

Category 1 impact resistance

Product Number: Type 1: EC-75
Size: 2.4m length x 29 cm deep
plus projected overhang. Must be cut to fit.

Description: High density polystyrene with resin coating.
Pre-primed and ready to be painted.

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eco sill image 2


Polystyrene Adhesive

Adhesive mortar for eps/xps

Product Number
Aval: KT-53
Atlas: Hoter S
Size: 25 kg

Description: Water vapour permeable, improved bonding and characterised by rapid strength build-up.



Polymer Sealant

for use with Eco-Oversill

Product Number
Sintex: MS35

Description: Polymer sealant-adhesive for elastic adhesion & sealing. Sticks on humid surfaces. High resistance & elasticity to weather & UV rays. Adhesion without primer on wood, metals, glass, ceramic, mortar, stone, & PVC. Paintable. Free of isocyanates & solvent.

Installation Guide for Eco-Oversill

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eco oversill installaton p1 eco oversill installaton p2 eco oversill installaton p3 eco oversill installaton p4 eco oversill installaton p5 eco oversill installaton p6 eco oversill installaton p7 eco oversill installaton p8